Jenifer Knippel

Jenifer Knippel, aka JenUwin, is a professional Unicorn and classical Saxophonist.  As a performer and educator, JenUwin creates engaging musical programs for all ages of audiences; family friendly community music concerts, saxophone presentations at retirement facilities and elementary schools.


Educational Background

  • Masters of Music Degree - Intermedia Music Technology: University of Oregon, 2011
  • Bachelors of Arts Double Degree - Saxophone Performance & Music Composition: Southern Oregon University, 2008

Jenuwin is an absolute delight. She brings such a playful presence to the classroom with her purple saxophone, wonderful children’s tunes and floor piano. Outside she fills the air with her gigantic bubbles, charming the kids into active play. Jenuwin is responsive to the children’s interests and lead. I especially loved it when she allowed the children to put their hands inside the end of the saxophone while she played so they could feel the vibrations. The looks on the children’s faces were priceless as they discovered such an elemental part of music and sound! Jenuwin is a true unicorn. A magical creature who brings joy to children wherever she goes. I am so grateful whenever she visits the children at the Family Nurturing Center.
— Family Nurturing Center

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